NUARL NE01 HDSS STEREO EARPHONE                         
Incorporating patented HDSS® (High Definition Sound Standard): 
ETL (Embedded Transmission Line) module installed in earpieces will cancel out noises and distortions to deliver you clear sounds without tiring out your ears. The sound is reproduced with extreme expressiveness for maximum emersion; you will even hear the vocalist breath, and see the band as if you are among them as they play. The dual-chamber structure allows for delivery of clear and consistent stereo sound directly to your ears.

Also perfect for language learning
HDSS adapts well to all kinds of sounds, including human speaking voices, making it suitable for listening device for language learning and business aids as well as any music.
Quality and durable material
Lightweight yet highly durable, the die cast stainless body is resilient against scratches. The material for the body is carefully selected to optimize the reverberations of sound and balance of weights so you feel comfortable wearing them.

Simple, yet highly functional design
Carefully placed buttons allow for easy access to variable functions without taking a glance at the control station. A built-in high sensitivity microphone enables hands-free call with clear voice.

We propose a product that fits comfortably in our daily lives.
A product with functional beauty.
A product made with selected materials, shape, and technology.
A product with unadulterated simplicity and well-balanced harmony.
That product, is NUARL.

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